Blockchain Veterans

We are a team of blockchain technology experts with strong technical and legal backgrounds. We’re veterans of technology companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. We have advised numerous companies launching ICOs and STOs (security token offerings). Our portfolio of clients has so far raised over $100MM USD since January of 2018. 

Our Team

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the rapidly developing technical, financial, and regulatory environment of the blockchain and ICO world. We advise companies pioneering utility token offerings and develop unique tokenomics models tailored to their domains and business models. We also help companies design non-dilutive securities tokens.

Through our partner network of advisors, consultancies, and vendors, we are here to guide you through the complexities of token generation, sale, and launch. We’ll help create your roadmap to fundraising success.

We also help with technical diligence for those who are considering working with or investing in ICO projects.






Peter Kinnaird has over 8 years of experience designing and evaluating network-level protocols. He has been in the ICO space since October 2017 as the VP of Product at Ambisafe Group, an industry leader in token generation, sale and exchange products. He is advising a small portfolio of companies who are currently conducting private and public ICOs as both securities and utilities. Peter’s Ph.D. research at Carnegie Mellon focused on the human impacts of internet protocol design and implementation. He has a Masters in Human Computer Interaction and a B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.  LinkedIn

Paul Petrick has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business and technical consultant, manager, and advisor. He has co-founded multiple companies, the most recent of which he sold to Apple in 2013. His career has spanned a range of industries, including entertainment & media, social, travel, e-commerce, lab automation, consumer privacy, defense, and finance. Paul has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and B.S. in Physics from U.C. San Diego. LinkedIn

Edward Fine is a UC Berkeley professor of Data Science and former VP of Data Science as Blackrock. He has worked as a financial analyst and data scientist at numerous institutions as well as serving as Director of Investment Strategy for Baker Street Advisors. He holds a Masters in Applied Math from CalTech and a BA in Physics and Math from Wesleyan University. He became a Chartered Financial Analyst® in 2002. LinkedIn


Whitepaper Write/rewrite (appropriate for most teams) [Typical pricing: $16,000 -  $30,000 USD]
Lots of teams start their ICO process by taking a stab at the whitepaper. We evaluate whitepaper based on a number of criteria and often find papers lacking. Our process starts with a round of interviews with key team members and contributors to make sure we have a clear understanding of your team's vision. We help explain any technical concepts that might have been misunderstood and assist your team in redesigning your paper to focus on five primary areas:

Narrative. We help rework the narrative of your paper to ensure it keeps the readers focus where you need it to be. This often includes reworking your overall pitch and positioning.

Domain. We rely on you to educate us where needed in the domain of your paper. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds but you definitely know more about your area of interest than we do. We'll work with you to contextualize the domain for the average reader.

Technical Architecture. If your project requires or can benefit from integration with smart contracts or a digital ledger, we can help you design a solution that will have even the most sophisticated technical readers nodding in agreement.

Token Design. Tokens can be programmed to do any number of things. We are working with companies to design the next generation of tokens including governance mechanisms, burn and mint mechanics, work tokens, and direct equity arrangements.

Positioning. We're currently working on numerous papers with tier 1 teams that will be hitting the market in the next 3-9 months. That means we have a clearer understanding of where the market is headed than almost anyone else. We'll help you understand what your project needs to offer to get the most attention.

Whitepaper audit [Typical pricing: $8,000 - $12,000 USD]
As your team gets closer to its ICO launch, you may find yourself wanting an extra pair of eyes on the paper to make sure there are no glaring gaps. We'll give your paper a detailed read and pick it apart. You'll get a 4-6 page report detailing our findings with high level feedback and suggestions for improvements. Our report will cover Narrative, Domain, Technical Architecture, Token Design and Positioning.

Advising [Typical pricing: $10,000 - $20,000 USD]
Some teams prefer to own the content of their papers themselves to make sure their team understands every detail. In these cases, we're happy to sit with your team for a couple of hours per week over the course of several weeks and provide suggestions, feedback, and explanations where appropriate.

From scratch whitepaper or help with one section [Pricing available on request]
Finished your whitepaper but need help with the technical architecture? Got that done but not sure how to design your token? Finished all of that but you can see that your narrative isn't compelling? Let us know which sections you'd like help with and we'll write up a proposal for you.

Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the sections requested.


Peter was great to work with and a valuable contributor to the initial technical architecture of the Atonomi Network. He quickly understood the vision of the project and presented his ideas and design recommendations to the core team. Peter has a unique technical skill to assess complex system requirements and present the solution that is understandable by the less technical reader. Would highly recommend Peter as a technical contributor to blockchain projects. - Vaughan Emery, CEO, Atonomi

Engage With Us

Our ideal engagement begins with a discovery call with one of our partners to understand your vision, your needs, and your progress. We often draft whitepapers from scratch but we’re also happy to review your current draft whitepaper in whatever stage it may be. We’ll review it, and your needs, and put together a proposal for engagement. We typically turn around production-ready deliverables within 3-6 weeks following brief interviews with key players on your team. We may be able to accommodate faster timelines depending on availability.

Advisory services can extend for a number of months while you move towards ICO.

We're happy to recommend other vendors and service providers as well as legal counsel knowledgeable in blockchain and ICO matters. Together we can put together a roadmap for your ICO or blockchain pivot.